Create Google MapsBringing in Hundreds of New Customers IMMEDIATELY

A business that doesn’t register its business on Google Maps is the same as someone who has seen an opportunity before their eyes, but doesn’t take it. Yes, Google Maps is a great opportunity for businesses in the digital era to be able to increase their profits more quickly and accurately. Google maps will make your business get a lot of new customers. Immediately register your business on Google Maps, and get increased profits!

Google Maps Development ServicesWhat do we do?

We make sure to do everything necessary to get your business listed on Google Maps. We utilize all the features provided so that you get maximum results. Get ready to get 5X the results of your current business.

Create Google Maps

We register your business on Google Maps so it will be visible on Google and can be accessed by many people.

Address Verification

If already registered; we will claim so you can manage the address

Suspended? No Worries

Your maps got suspended? We will reinstate it again

Market Research

Research where your business has the greatest potential to gain the most customers

Interesting Content

Copywriting in Title and Description to give the greatest impact so clients choose your business

Regular Update

Doing business updates so Google loves your maps - and sending lots of customers

Increase Your Business 5X in 90 Days

Google Maps Order Process

Simple – get your business on Google Maps – or activate and claim – we make the whole process so easy and quick that you won’t even realize it’s done.

Create Google Maps

Create Google Maps

  • Collecting Maps Information
  • Register and Complete Profile
  • Get a Verification Card
  • Publish Maps
Unsuspend Maps

Unsuspend Maps

  • Requires access to gmail
  • Requires Location and Business Photos
  • Include the required documents
  • Build communication and follow up to Google
Address Verification

Address Verification

  • View the completeness of Maps information
  • Perform claim and verification process
  • Get verification postcard
  • Perform claim and verification DONE


Do you have any questions?

Google Maps is free and can be done by yourself, why should you order from us?

Yup, Google Maps is a free feature provided by Google for local businesses. That’s right, it’s free and can be created by the owner. In fact, even if it’s done by us – it still requires your cooperation to receive a Google postcard for verification. Of course – you may not need to place an order with us if you can do it yourself.

Our services are needed for clients who are unfamiliar – or don’t even want to bother doing all the online stuff that is confusing for ordinary people.

But more than that, we will also do onpage optimization on your maps such as persuasive titles, the best copywriting for descriptions to persuade visitors to take advantage of all available features so that your business is maximized on Google.

How do I know if Google Maps will benefit my business?

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners register their business on Google Maps. If you haven’t listed it on Google maps yet, that’s a shame. Your business will have an online presence – and be seen by so many Google visitors who need your services.

Of course, you will know the benefits. Gradually, your business will get more visits and customers. You’ll be amazed that new customers will endlessly visit your business – coming from all directions. All of a sudden, just like that.

I need your services, is your company valid?

Yup, feel free to visit our company in Cibinong, Bogor. We will be happy to do a presentation to explain the maximum benefits of the services we offer for your company.

Investment Costs

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  • Google maps Active Again
  • Full Review and Features
  • Requires Verification
  • Requires Data Completeness
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  • Create New Maps
  • Full Setup and Features
  • Need Maps information
  • Require real address
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/ Maps
  • Full Claimed Verification
  • Full Setup and Features
  • Need Address Confirmation


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