Remove Bad Customer ReviewsRestore your good Reputation

It can happen – competitors and even former employees – write lies about your business. Make your business slump and look ugly in the eyes of customers. That’s not all – it even lowers the ranking of your maps. Your sales will DEFINITELY drop with those bad reviews. You are at a loss – but you don’t know how to delete those bad map reviews.

Yup, we will handle it. Perhaps, only we, the Agency, are willing and able to do the job of cleaning up digital “dirt” like this.

Google Maps Removing Bad Review ServicesWhat do we do?

We are verified volunteers in the Google My Business forum as the platform for creating this Google Maps. We will request that these negative reviews be removed. Hopefully – with our verified Google Forum volunteer status, we have direct access to Google staff so hopefully Google will pay more attention to our request to remove the bad reviews.

Remove Bad Review

No more bad reviews. With a 60-70% success rate, we will continue to try to remove your bad reviews and help your business.

Remove Bad Rating

You got one star? That means it's really bad. Don't worry, we'll remove it; IMMEDIATELY.

Handling Complaints

Don't worry, we will handle your bad review complaint in a persuasive manner.

Block Fake Review

Your rival left a negative review? We'll block them from bothering you again

Keep Your Maps

With our technology - your Maps are protected 24 hours a day. Your business will run optimally

The One and Only Agency

Only we offer a complete service - to the point of being able to remove bad reviews. Contact us immediately

Increase Your Business 5X in 90 Days

Order Process Removes Negative Reviews

It’s simple – just add us as a manager on your Google Maps page and let us know which reviews and ratings will be removed – we’ll handle it all.

Remove Bad Review

Remove Bad Review

  • Add our gmail as manager
  • Notify us of deleted review/rating limitations
  • Monitoring email to see Google notifications
  • Done, bad review removed
Remove Bad Rating

Remove Bad Rating

  • Add our gmail as manager
  • Notify us of deleted rating limits
  • Monitoring email to see Google notifications
  • Done, bad rating removed
Handling Complaints

Handling Complaints

  • Add our gmail as manager
  • Notifying follow up limitations
  • Monitor email to see Google notifications
  • This service is only for monthly orders


Do you have any questions?

No agency can remove negative reviews, but you can do it yourself. Was the negative review made by our agency?

Wooww…hahaha….you can really think like that. No one dared to offer services to remove Google’s negative reviews. Other agencies generally only play it safe by providing optimization services and others. Or abroad there are also those who provide this service, but the cost is very expensive.

Then, is it true that we gave the negative review?

Unfortunately, we don’t deliver. Negative reviews on Google maps can come from anywhere and it was many years ago so it was impossible for us to do it. We want to provide a solution to your problem.

How do you remove all that?

Yup, we followed Google’s instructions to remove a negative review. Correspond with Google to show how the review really deserves to be removed. Furthermore, continue to follow up until the final conclusion whether it is removed or not.

Indeed, this job is not a day or two job, but it is labor-intensive and time-consuming. That is why Indonesian agencies do not see this as a job worth doing. Or if they do, it will be so expensive that it’s not worth selling. Yup, we’re willing to do the “dirty work” to clean up your reputation – and ultimately boost your business.

I need your services, is your company valid?

Yup, feel free to visit our company in Cibinong, Bogor. We will be happy to do a presentation to explain the maximum benefits of the services we offer for your company.

Investment Costs

Remove Bad Rating
0123456789001234567890                     .012345678900123456789001234567890
/ Review
  • Pay for only deleted bad ratings
  • Once deleted, the account cannot give bad ratings anymore
  • Reviews are deleted by Google, guaranteeing authenticity
  • There are no other agencies with similar services
012345678900123456789001234567890                     .012345678900123456789001234567890
/ Rating
  • Pay for only deleted bad reviews
  • Once deleted, the account cannot give bad reviews anymore
  • Ratings are deleted by Google, guaranteeing authenticity
  • There are no other agencies with similar services
012345678900123456789001234567890                     .0123456789001234567890
/ bulan
  • Maps no bad review/rating
  • Unlimited bad review delete
  • Unlimited bad rating delete
  • Unlimited response
  • Unlimited banned fake review


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