Jasa Menghilangkan Review Negatif Google Maps

April 23, 2023by admin19

Google Maps Bad Rating Removal Service

Who wouldn’t be nervous if they had a bad rating on Google Maps? Whether it’s 1 star or 2 stars – it will definitely influence your potential customers to come and do business with you. People who will shop – they see testimonials of previous client experiences and see these bad ratings – then start to believe that your business is bad. Almost certainly – your business ranking on Google will drop. Sales will decline – and the worst; consumer confidence in your business will slowly disappear. They start looking for other alternatives especially your competitors – and slowly leave your business leaving you alone. Yes; you can respond well – even take the 1-star rating as a whip to improve your business. However – that ugly 1-star rating inevitably affects your business. You are told that many people can compensate for the bad rating by asking clients to give 5-star ratings and so on. But it still boggles your mind. The 1-star rating still continues to affect you. Your desire is only one; to remove the 1-star bad rating. Yes, this is where you need the Google bad rating removal service that we offer for you.

Google bad rating removal services – increasingly becoming a necessity. Isn’t that how we feel? Google maps, indeed a simalakama fruit. Eaten by a dead mother, not eaten by a dead father. What does that mean? Yes, the existence of Google Maps that is not managed properly can make us as owners in a state of confusion.

If we have an address on Google Maps, then we will easily be on page 1 of Google. Can you imagine the benefits for our business if it is on page 1 of Google, right? Thousands of potential customers will flood our business. And all can happen without further ado – without the need for a long time and even without expensive costs.

But at the same time, if we are not careful in managing our business profile – then we are at a critical point. People who don’t like our business can put bad comments or bad reviews about our business. It may be that our business is well known and of high quality by our clients – however; a bad rating let alone a review that comments negatively will deter potential customers from coming and doing business. They will think a thousand times before contacting us. Especially if the bad review or bad rating is given many times; and we let it.

How to Remove Google Bad Rating Solution

Not many people have services like ours. Removing a bad review or rating on Google, is not impossible but it takes persistence and time. The first thing we can do is ask the reviewer to resolve the issue with us and remove the bad review/rating. We can even offer to replace the unpleasant product or service they received for free. This is a logical step to minimize the impact of the bad review/rating.

Secondly, we can ask Google to remove it – which unfortunately is not easy. Google has mentioned that it will remove the bad reviews and ratings if it is proven that it was done by a competitor or a person who is deliberately proven to have done it with bad intentions. But if it’s not proven – then Google won’t remove them; Google doesn’t do business with us either so it’s a risk of receiving the free Google Maps service. Google’s desire of course is that we actually provide quality businesses and services so that people don’t have time and are unlikely to put negative reviews or bad ratings. It can take 1-2 weeks to get Google’s response.

Third, after all of the above is out of the question – here’s what we offer. A Google bad rating removal service that will solve your problems. How do we do the Google bad rating removal service?

No, we don’t manipulate reviews or ratings to drown out the bad rating which only adds to your costs. Likewise, we do not hack into Google’s system to remove the bad rating/review. What we do – is just do the proper procedure apart from contacting the owner of the bad rating. We are a top contributor to the Google My Business Forum that provides solutions to practical problems that Google faces. So when we encounter a problem that proves the bad review or rating is not genuine – we have a little more access to contact Google. Yup, it doesn’t always work – but our reputation as volunteers on the Google My Business forum (Google’s official forum), more or less makes it easier for us to get Google’s attention.

Of course, you don’t have to worry when using our Google bad rating removal service. You pay for our services only after we have successfully removed the rating/review.

There is no risk for you – but of course we expect your honesty to make payment after we have completed our work. Because we think we’ve helped your business. To be honest, there probably aren’t many agencies willing to go down this tortuous road of restoring a tainted online reputation. Yes, it’s time-consuming and labor-intensive – even at a fraction of the cost.

What is the cost of this Google Bad Rating Removal Service that we have?

Very affordable compared to the potential business that is in danger of being lost – or the benefits you will get with a restored reputation. Whether you need just one bad rating removed or dozens of bad Google ratings, we’ll do it with infinite diligence. And, many business owners have been helped by the services we’ve done for them.


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