How to Profit with Google My Business

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How to Profit with Google My Business

Is your Google My Business page not helping to boost your company’s growth? Read further to find out how to maximize the potential of your GMB page to get more leads with Google; in a faster and easier way and put your company on the path to greater success.

Why is GMB so important?

Google My Business didn’t even exist a decade ago. Since its launch in June 2014, GMB has rapidly grown to become a major factor in ranking companies in Google Maps search results.

Many people today use Google Maps as a sort of Yellow Pages, searching and looking for local service providers like yours, which means you need to actually appear on the map if you want to get their attention.

In other words, your Google My Business page will largely determine whether or not you show up in local searches. If you don’t have a profile that puts you at the top of the rankings, you won’t be visible to all the potential customers searching for your products.

So, how to make your profile compete with the best? Read on and discover the steps you should take to turn your GMB profile into a lead magnet.

Your GMB Optimization Checklist

Ensure a consistent and accurate NAP

Choose the right business category

Use target keywords in your description

Upload photos to your GMB profile

Post regularly

Create a stream of customer reviews

Answer all questions & reviews promptly

Enable Messaging for your GMB profile

Use Google Analytics with GMB

Spying on Your Local Competitors

It sounds a bit dramatic, and we’re not suggesting you hire some James Bond type to do a break-in and steal files or anything!

However, we recommend taking a look at what your competitors are doing on their Google My Business profiles. Companies that rank in the top 3 are clearly doing something right, and it’s worth taking a closer look to find out what ingredients make up their winning formula.

First, you need to identify your target area, which is the city or county where your company is based or planning to expand. Then review the ‘map pack’.

Example of Google Maps search results for Engine Factory in Jakarta

So why are these three companies at the top? You should look at their profiles to see their posts, reviews, and Q&A sections and find out what they do that’s different from yours.

Optimize Your GMB Profile to Get Leads
Ensure a Consistent and Accurate NAP

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Google loves businesses that are consistent with their NAP, so remember to dot the I’s and cross the T’s when you enter your information as mistakes can really hurt your ranking.

Even if Google allows these small mistakes, potential clients won’t. Would you trust a business that can’t spell its own name or provide correct contact details?

Many companies have more than one branch or office, and it’s important to remember to list a unique NAP for each location you have.

Choose the Right Business Category

Once you’ve entered your NAP correctly, you need to tell the public about the services and products you offer, so make sure your company is listed in the correct category on Google.

Remember that people define their searches instead of browsing results for “local business” or something else very general. They know what they are looking for right from the start. You need to make sure that your company appears in relevant searches, which is why choosing the right keywords is so important.

You can choose no more than 10 keywords to help define your services, so it’s best to think carefully about which words will catch the attention of potential clients.

Use Target Keywords in Your Description

When describing your business and what it does, you should think of relevant or related target keywords that you should use. If you’re an IT support company, you should try sprinkling words and terms throughout your description that you think people might also be looking for

Remember that you are also delivering a presentation, so even if you try to include some good keywords, don’t forget to keep your message coherent and easy to read. You still need to tell customers why you are different from your competitors and why they should choose your company over others.

Upload Photos to Your GMB Profile

A GMB profile that only contains text will look rather plain and boring, which won’t keep people interested. A restaurant, for example, will get more attention with mouth-watering photos of their menu rather than just writing at length about their dishes.

You could also post images showing various promotions and discounts, and this is always a great way to grab the attention of your target audience.

Post Regularly

Many companies go out of business (or fortunately, if they are your competitors!), and many of them leave behind inactive profiles and websites. Customers are aware of this and can jump to the conclusion that a company has closed if its GMB profile has been inactive for several days or weeks.

It’s vital that you let potential clients (and Google) know that you’re still in business by posting announcements, pictures, promotions, or even just updates on the comings and goings of employees at your workplace.

Create a Stream of Customer Reviews

If you want to rank higher in local Google searches, you need to ensure that you have a supply of positive Google Reviews.

5-star feedback is key to pushing your GMB profile up the rankings and generating leads, but you don’t have to wait and hope that one of your customers will write something nice. Be proactive – if you have a satisfied client, you should reach out to them and ask them to leave a review.

Answer All Questions and Reviews Promptly

If a client makes the effort to write a review on your profile, make sure to show your appreciation by responding quickly. Otherwise, customers might start getting the impression that leaving you a good review is a thankless task and a waste of time, and you might receive fewer in the future.

You should also answer questions in the Q&A section promptly. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, reassuring anyone reading that your company and your staff know what they’re talking about.

Interacting with your customers when they write reviews or questions is good customer service, which is a must for any business. Not only that, it also goes hand in hand with our advice to post regularly and keep your GMB profile active!

Enable Messaging for Your GMB Profile

Your profile is not just a means to get your business noticed or rank high in search engine results. It is a platform to interact with your audience. Enabling the ‘Chat’ feature in the message settings allows visitors to contact you directly.

As we said earlier, you should always try to respond to reviews and queries quickly, ideally within 24 hours.

Use Google Analytics with GMB

Google Analytics is a great tool to help you crunch the numbers in assessing the performance of your GMB profile. You can find out how many people find you through Google Maps.

Creating a Google Analytics account is free, and you can easily link it to your GMB profile to help give you a clearer picture of how effective it is at generating leads.

Putting It All Together

Any campaign you implement requires planning. It’s not enough to simply post updates in a scattergun approach. Your GMB profile is a tool that needs to be used effectively, which is why it’s a good idea to create a campaign calendar to help you schedule new content and have a more organized and strategic approach to interacting with your target audience.

Optimized GMB Profile in Action (Case Study)

Fresh Fit is a health food store in Oklahoma that had a Google My Business profile but didn’t have the resources or expertise to use it as an effective lead generator. So they reached out to us at Pronto for a solution.

We conducted a GMB & SEO audit to find areas that could be improved, and found that the profile was lacking in terms of posts, Q&A, images and reviews, and also lacked keywords that could help it show up prominently in search results.

They set to work by updating the correct business information on the profile, as well as adding citations and target keywords to help boost Fresh Fit’s ranking, before eventually putting together a content calendar with a publishing schedule of three or four times a month.

The results were evident, with an increase of over 2000% in website visits, 4550% in direct phone calls, and over 1800% in lead enquiries.


If your business isn’t generating enough leads, then you’re going to struggle. An optimized Google My Business profile is key to increasing your online visibility, and ensuring that it has good content and high standards of customer service and engagement is crucial to making your company stand out from the competition.

There’s a lot to do, and you don’t have to do it alone. Google My Business management experts can help maximize your company’s GMB potential at affordable rates. Contact us today to find out more about how we can take care of your GMB profile and offer solutions for your digital marketing needs.

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